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Bernette 340 downloading internet files
Joined: Sat, Dec 31 2011
Location: Michigan
Posts: 1
RE: Bernette 340 downloading internet files

I want to thank you for the detailed description about downloading embroidery files from the internet and make it work with the Bernette 340 Deco. This is a detailed process and I was able to be successful with your help.

I am looking for some good beginner's ideas for projects to try while I am learning about my new machine. Please share some ideas. Thank you!

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Joined: Thu, Dec 15 2011
Posts: 1
RE: Bernette 340 downloading internet files

THANK YOU laskalass.... I never would have figured this out without your post...I wish they made it easier to understand in the manual that you had to go through all these steps. I appreciate your time and effort to post all of this on this forum... I am new to embroidery and am super excited to learn all that I can...

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Joined: Mon, Jun 6 2011
Posts: 1
RE: Bernette 340 downloading internet files

I have a Deco 340 and download the EXP format. I have no problems using this format in my machine. I also format the usb stick first in the Deco.
I have not heard of this downloading a program from Bernina.

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Joined: Thu, Apr 14 2011
Posts: 2
Bernette 340 downloading internet files

I bought a Bernette 340 and the user manual was not informative regarding how to get designs from the computer to my machine. First let me say that the folks at the benina store were not helpful either because the Bernette is NOT made by Bernina and most of them knew only about the bigger bernina machines. The Bernette is made by Janome for Bernina and according to Bernina specs. The format for your Bernette machine is NOT the exp format that the berninas use. It has to be in the ART format. The first thing you must do is go to your Bernina website and download the ARTLINK software program. After doing that put your USB stick into your machine and let it download the proper file into your USB stick. caution do not just take the stick out of your machine without first clicking on the sewing machine icon. After you have the file on the usb stick place it in your computer and go ahead and download designs from websites onto your desktop in the ART format. Now you need to open the software program will first show a bernina ad.. let it show this until the program opens before you close the ad... closing it before the software opens it closes the program.
Now.... once the software is open.... drag your ART files one at a time into the open program you will see the design in the program... you can set the right hoop size by clicking on the pic of the hoop...also click the small window which says 1:1.... it will show the design in the right size. Once you have done that
click on the machine icon it will write the design to the stick..when the window pops the blue arrow..I think its blue...but its an arrow curving..when you click on that it will write to the will say save...dont save it. You are done now close the software window..(under file)...and drag next design to program. Hope this helps a techy at bernina had to show me this. Oh and when you first drag the design over you will see a pop up saying you cant resize the design... ignore that and close that warning.

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