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how to embroider large things
Joined: Mon, Dec 20 2010
Posts: 3
RE: how to embroider large things

The trouble with larger embroidery is that the cloth looses it's tension when it's spread across a large area, and because it can stretch, the machine struggles to embroider onto a surface that isn't "taught" I would suggest either doing the embroidery in small sections, rather than all at once, or you could always use print instead of embroidery, but it really depends what you are trying to achieve. Hope i can help you =)

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Joined: Mon, Sep 27 2010
Posts: 1
how to embroider large things

i'm really new to this i have a brother innov900 and also embird
i've done a few things that have turned out brill (i'm sure its the machine tho not me lol)
all the things i've done have fitted in my hoop ok
but i'd like to do bigger images
is there a tip for doing this?
one thing i tried to do which turned out really bad was a name in large font
i had to do it in 3 sections and it turned out really badly
to the extent of it went in the bin
any help would be great please

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